About Harmony

A full-service graphic design, web design and marketing company

We build beautiful websites


We’re experienced, professional women with a passion for helping small businesses to be successful through great logo designs, websites and marketing. We strive to create beauty and balance in all of our marketing materials and websites – hence the name Harmony. We call it a balance between art and technology, and pride ourselves in creating effective, well organized and eye-pleasing designs.

People love working with us


At Harmony, we have over 20 years of experience in graphic design, web design and development, web marketing, search engine optimization, writing, editing and illustration. With so many images fighting for our attention everywhere, we come up with creative solutions to get your business noticed. If you don’t know what your business marketing needs are, we’re happy to help you come up with a marketing plan!


Collaboration and customer satisfaction are our priority. Graphic and web designs are subjective, just like art. That’s why we don’t take it personally if you aren’t sold on our initial designs. We want you to be fully satisfied with your logo or website design. Let’s work together to come up with the best solutions for your marketing needs. We want our work to bring you joy as well as more customers!

Who we are

Kristine Strange


I’m certified gregarious, meaning that I’m interested in being around other people! I keep busy on social media and keeping up with trends, so our clients don’t have to. I have a degree in computer science and experience in marketing, but my unusual passion is creating spreadsheets, presentations and documents. I satisfy my creative side with occasional pin striping and hand painted sign projects. (Check me out at Strange Mama Pinstriping!) I love raising my two boys in Tacoma and am passionate about our community. What I love about this job is meeting a unique blend of entrepreneurs and small business owners – basically some really cool people! I also love all things fermented and when my family isn’t at the racetrack, I do my project brainstorming with my hands in the garden or out in nature with Amy!

Amy Baron Hatch


I’ve been a graphic designer for over twenty years (unless you count the logo I designed for my grandparents’ shoe repair shop when I was 8). I built my first website in about 1996 when I coded a simple html website by hand. I love utilizing a balance of art and technology to create professional images for businesses. I particularly like working with small business owners. It’s exciting for me when an e-commerce client gets their first sale or a client gets a call from across the country because her website’s search engine optimization is working. I also strive for balance in my personal life by making time for my family, friends, volunteering, and staying healthy. That includes daily walks in nature with my design assistant, Dakota, and often Kristine, which is also a good time to brainstorm my newest logo or web design project!


Foot Warmer, Peace Maker, Solution Sniffer-Outer

We couldn’t leave out our most devoted employee. He leads our strategy sessions (a.k.a. nature walks) and keeps our feet warm while we work. We hope you get a chance to meet him; he’ll win your heart!

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