I’ve known Angie Whitten, owner of Harmony Photography, for a couple of years. We became fast friends after meeting in a networking group, and support each other in creative small business ownership. I admire her work ethic, constant learning, outstanding skill, and how good it feels to be around her. I have to admit that I started bugging her to let me design her a new website as soon as I realized her website didn’t reflect her professionalism and super fun personality.

Harmony Photography website before

Harmony Photography website after

A quality website presents a professional image

When the restrictions of Covid made her work almost impossible, Angie had some time to think about the fact that she really needed a good website. She asked me to make some minor changes to her current one, but it wasn’t really set up for those edits to make it much better. Angie loved my work and knew I was the one who could make her website shine, so she hired me!

“The look of my website is elegant and luxurious! It’s more in line with the quality of my work!”

Angie Whitten

Owner, Harmony Photography

I was thrilled right away to know that she knows her customer

Angie works with mostly female customers, many who think they just don’t look good in photos. But that girl knows how to make them relax and look good! We knew we needed to speak to that customer. We worked together on the copy and messaging so that Angie’s voice was there. I just tweaked the flow and headlines to connect with her customer and help out the search engines.

“I’ve been getting a lot more calls from people since you redesigned my website who say they found me on Google. And those people get the value of my work!”

Angie Whitten

Owner, Harmony Photography

Better search engine optimization

Speaking of search engines, as I dug into her old website, I found that it was somewhat optimized for search engines, but all of the pages were competing with each other for the same keywords. We researched the words people were actually searching and optimized each page for each type of photography Angie does. Then we made sure to add keywords for the cities she works in.

The results are amazing!

Angie’s beautiful photos just shine in the custom template I built for her website. I chose a dark header and a gold gradation for her logo which portray an upscale, high-quality look.

People have noticed! Not only is Angie getting more calls from people that say they found her on Google, she’s getting more ideal clients.

“I hired them to do a complete rebuild of my website – and they knocked it out of the park! I had so many ideas and concepts I wanted to have but had no idea how to even explain some of them. I gave them my ideas and they created the most beautiful website! They did keyword research, industry research and wrapped all my ideas into a perfect package. The feedback I’ve gotten on my website is incredible! It’s responsive, elegant, informative, optimized and beautifully tells a story of what I do.”
Angie Whitten

Owner, Harmony Photography

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